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Bridges we Build...

Posted by
Annie Kat (Springfield, United States) on 15 July 2008 in Art & Design and Portfolio.

This a little more of a serious, and long, post so I am sorry to bum those of you out who enjoy my more short and upbeat posts... but sometimes you have to be serious. I am a proud member of the "It will all be better in the morning" club and I very rarly let things get to me. Well every once and a while things happen in this world that bring us ,that are a little high up there, back to earth. Things that really explain the value and meaning of life. You can fill in the blank with what ever you wish. Be it the Death of a friend or Family member or even a bad grade on a test or a flat tire. The truth is that those really crappy moments are the ones that make all of the really fun and happy moments possible. You love vacation right...? well what would be the point and fun in a vacation without the toil and trouble of the work week or school? If your life was a relaxed sunny spot on the beach and you lived with no cares in the world then what good would a vacation be. You need those flat tires and bad grades. you need the rain to remind you just how great that hot sun really is and you need those tears to remind you just how important a smile is! Yes life goes on. But that is always the easy way out. Life doesn't just "go on", it grows on. We grow a little every time something bad happens. We gain one more layer of skin and we get a little tougher a little stronger. Just as everything else, you must first be weak to be strong, You must pay to be rich. any way enough with the metaphores, my point is no one wants to be sad or mad but it makes the small stuff just a little more important. I havn't Written a post on here in a while and i chose this picture of a bridge I took in my town because i think it helps me reinforce at least one of my points. A Bridge is a very understated thing. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to build a bridge? Think about it! It has to hold so much weight and be weather proof, water proof.. there is sooooo Much math involved it makes me want to vomit!! They have to be perfect. Kind of like us..people.. friendships...family. We need to be each others bridges. We must be strong and help those who need to cross the troubled waters below us. The most important thing is that we remain a bridge. you look at a bridge and you know its a bridge and what its purpose is.. to get you to the other side... thats it... they dont sing or dance but they do their job, and i think we can learn from them. help those around you, be thier bridge.Dont make a scene about it, dont ask if its ok just be there and be ready to help someone cross. the one thing that a Bridge must be that we can never be is perfect. NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!!! and we all know that! I know You guys arent perfect just as you all know I am not. Its no suprise!! anyways i got a little carried away but this is what is on my mind right now and i wanted to share... hope you all look at the sun or the stars or the clouds or your flat tire a little differently tomorrow.. remember there is always vacation! and ALWAYS tomorrow!


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Canon PowerShot A560 1/640 second F/2.6 ISO 80 6 mm

Canon PowerShot A560
1/640 second
ISO 80
6 mm